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Only an environment that inspires you can bring out the best in you. Workshops at faculties are definitely a good and right choice. Again, the projects we work on are also a good choice because they bring a dynamic environment, work with experts from specific fields, from the country and abroad, and legal practice that is changing intensively.

Do you want to start developing your career and learn from the best, and on the other hand, you expect to get the opportunity to develop and to have your voice and your thinking heard? It's time to join us and participate in numerous legal projects and groups. We offer you work and development


…You are a student of bachelor’s or master’s studies, undergraduate or graduate student of the Faculty of Law
…You have an innovative way of looking at things
…You function well in the digital world
…You are working on your development

…it's time to send us your CV to office@lawsociety.rs. We will contact you as soon as there is a need for a new team member that matches your profile!

Work on projects is available within the following topics:

  • Constitutional reform in Serbia
  • Strategy of legal principles for blockchain technology
  • Strategy of legal principles for artificial intelligence
  • Strategy of Legal Principles for the Internet of Things
  • Reform of the judiciary and court procedure


In the preparation process!